Manchester, a city with a rich industrial past and a vibrant present, boasts a deep love for a classic British comfort food: fish and chips near me. That golden-fried batter enveloping flaky white fish, paired with perfectly chipped potatoes, is delicious. But with so many chippies around, where do you go for the best catch? Worry not, fellow Mancunian, for this guide unveils Manchester’s top fish and chip spots, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings!

Dive into Tradition: Manchester’s Time-Tested Chippies

These legendary chippies have been serving up generations of Mancunians with their time-tested recipes and fresh ingredients.

  • Ye Olde Mottram Chip Shop (Mottram): Established in 1954, Ye Olde Mottram Chip Shop is a proper Manchester institution. This family-run gem serves classic fish and chips, focusing on quality and tradition. Their cod, sourced daily from sustainable fisheries, is cooked perfectly in a light, crispy batter that shatters with every bite. Please take advantage of their mushy peas, a creamy, comforting side dish made with marrowfat peas and a hint of mint.
  • The Battered Friar (Manchester City Centre): Another legendary Manchester chippy, The Battered Friar has been a cornerstone of the city’s chippy scene since 1968. There are many options for fish on the menu, including classics like haddock or plaice. Fishcakes are available for those who prefer a non-battered alternative. Their chips are thick-cut and satisfying, fried to a golden brown with a fluffy interior. The Battered Friar is a must-visit for a taste of Manchester’s chippy heritage and an authentic taste of the North.

Modern Twists on a Classic: Upscale Fish & Chip Experiences

For those seeking a more contemporary take on the classic fish and chip experience, Manchester offers a couple of exciting options:

  • Pete’s Chippy (Didsbury): Pete’s Chippy takes the classic fish and chip experience to a new level. While they offer all the traditional favourites, they also boast a menu with modern twists that cater to a broader audience. Try their “posh fish finger sandwich”, featuring their signature fish fingers nestled in a brioche bun with a tangy tartare sauce and pea puree, a delightful play on textures and flavours. Vegetarians can rejoice with their “halloumi fries” – golden-fried halloumi cheese served with a zesty tomato dipping sauce. Pete’s Chippy offers a stylish and contemporary take on the beloved chippy experience, perfect for a relaxed and trendy fish and chip fix.
  • Au Yeung Fish & Chips (Chinatown): This hidden gem in Manchester’s Chinatown brings a unique twist to fish and chips. The menu includes a wide range of Asian-inspired dishes alongside classic options. Are they feeling adventurous? Try their “Hong Kong-style salt and pepper squid” for a spicy kick, featuring tender squid tossed in a flavorful batter with chillies and garlic and craving something lighter. Their “crispy duck spring rolls” are a delightful starter option. Au Yeung Fish & Chips offers a chance to explore the fusion of flavours between British and Asian cuisine in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Manchester’s Hidden Fish & Chips Near Me Gems

Manchester’s culinary scene boasts hidden gems that offer a delightful fish and chip experience that goes beyond the traditional Chippy:

  • The Corner Plaice (Northern Quarter): Tucked away in the trendy Northern Quarter, The Corner Plaice is a local favourite known for its fresh, high-quality fish and chips cooked to order. The portions are large, and the prices are affordable. The Corner Plaice is a simple, authentic place to enjoy fish and chips near me in a historic and charming part of Manchester. This is an excellent place for a quick, satisfying meal or casual dinner with friends.

A Pint and a Portion: Pairing Your Fish & Chips near me

The perfect pint elevates your fish and chip experience to a new level. But with so many beers, how do you pick the ideal match? Worry not, fellow Mancunian! This guide dives into beer pairings to help you find the perfect complement to your golden-fried goodness.

Light and Refreshing:

  • Crisp Lagers: A crisp lager is your best friend when seeking a light and refreshing companion to your fish and chips. These pale, clean-tasting beers with a subtle bitterness cut through the fried batter’s richness without overpowering the fish’s delicate flavours. Think German Pilsners like Indulge in Delicious Eats Warsteiner or Krombacher, Czech Pilsners like Pilsner Urquell, or even Japanese lagers like Asahi for their light body and refreshing finish.
  • Pale Ales: A pale ale is another fantastic option for a light and easy-drinking experience. These beers offer more flavour than lagers, with subtle floral or citrus notes that complement the lemony tang often found on fish and chips. English Pale Ales, like Boddingtons or Young’s, are a classic choice. With their hoppy character, American Pale Ales can also work well, especially if the chips are saltier. Popular options include Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale.

Robust Flavors:

  • Amber Ales: Amber ales are an excellent choice for those who crave more body and flavour in their beer. These caramel beauties offer a malty sweetness that stands up to the richness of the fried fish and chips. The caramel notes also pair well with the vinegar or malt vinegar often used on fish and chips. English Amber Ales like Bombardier or Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale are fantastic choices. American Amber Ales with a hoppy twist, like Red Seal Amber Ale or Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, can also be a delightful pairing.
  • English Bitters: An authentic taste of British tradition, English bitters are a fantastic match for your fish and chips. These moderately hoppy beers offer a balanced bitterness that cuts through the fat and richness of the dish, while the malty backbone complements the flavours of the fish. English bitters come in various styles, from the lighter Best Bitters like Fuller’s London Pride to the more robust India Pale Ales (IPAs) like Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. Experiment and find your perfect match!

The Adventurous Soul:

Manchester boasts a thriving craft beer scene, with countless local breweries churning out unique and exciting brews. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not explore the options at your local brewery and find a beer that speaks to you? Here are some tips for choosing a craft Beer to go with your Fish and Chips:

  • Sours and Gose: These tart and tangy beers are a delightful and surprising match with fish and chips. The acidity cuts through the dish’s richness, while the subtle fruit flavours can complement the flavours of the fish. Local Manchester options like Shindigger’s Passionfruit Gose or Runaway Brewery’s Divine Citrus Sour are perfect examples.
  • Wheat Beers: For a lighter, slightly sweet option, try a wheat beer. These beers often have a refreshing citrusy character that pairs well with the flavours of fish and chips. German Hefeweizens like Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier or Schneider Weisse are classic choices. Locally brewed options like Joseph Holt’s Organic Unfiltered Wheat Beer or Marble Brewery’s Chocolate Wheat Beer can also be exciting.
  • Smokey Beers: For a truly unique pairing, consider a smokey beer. The smokiness can add an exciting flavour to your fish and chips near me, especially if the fish is smoked. Manchester’s Blackjack Brewery offers a selection of smoked beers, like their Smoky Porter or Rauchbier, which could be a delicious and adventurous pairing.


Manchester offers a diverse range of fish and chip near me experiences, from traditional chippies steeped in history to modern interpretations with a twist. With this guide as your compass, You can satisfy your cravings at the perfect location. So grab your wrapping paper (or newspaper!), gather your friends and family, and embark on a delicious journey filled with the golden goodness of fish and chips near me!


What are some things to consider when choosing a fish and chips near me shop?

Consider location, price range, menu options, and customer reviews. Do you want a traditional experience or something more modern? Are you looking for vegetarian options or specific types of fish?

What are some traditional accompaniments to fish and chips near me?

Classic accompaniments include mushy peas, curry sauce, gravy, and pickled onions. Some chippies offer additional options like battered sausages, fish cakes, and fritters.

 Is it healthy to eat fish and chips near me?

If enjoyed occasionally, fish and chips can be part of a balanced diet. For a healthier option, opt for baked fish instead of fried fish.

Do any of these chippies offer gluten-free options?

It’s always best to call the chippy directly to inquire about gluten-free options. Some may offer gluten-free batter or other accommodations.

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